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Contact Web Based Address Books - Description


Contact is a web service that implements easy to use address books. You can access Contact with your web browser, cellular phone or handheld. This way your addresses are always up to date, if you are at work, at home or on the road. New XML and XSL(T) technology lets you even change the layout.


  • Views: List and detail (web and wap)
  • Edit contacts
  • Download and upload vCard format (*.vcf)
  • Add contact to your mobile phone's address book (if supported)
  • Multi user
  • NT-service
  • Easy installation
  • No web server needed
  • Online help


Contact implements a easy to use, flexible and lean addressbook which meets the need of being reachable wherever you are and being up to date whenever you use it. This is implemented by using new web technology. Contact is installed as a nt service which guarantees that it is reachable whenever the server is running and online. The only way to use Contact is via web or wap browser. The following will show you how to put together the correct URL for operation and user management.

URL: To access the Contact web service the first part of the URL is "http://SERVERNAMEORIPADDRESS:SERVICEPORT/" (e.g. "http://your.server.name.com:9555/" or "" or "http://localhost:9555/"). To access the web service add "contact/" to the URL. It should look like this: "http://SERVERNAMEORIPADDRESS:SERVICEPORT/contact/". If you are on a wap browser you have to add "index.wml". This would be "http://SERVERNAMEORIPADDRESS:SERVICEPORT/contact/index.wml".

User management: When you install and start Contact for the first time there will be one administrator account installed. Start your web browser and open "http://SERVERNAMEORIPADDRESS:SERVICEPORT/user". Use the the username "administrator" and the password "administrator" in the login dialog. You can add user accounts by following the "Add User" link or edit user using the ">" character to the left of the user. Users with the administrator flag checked, have the right to manage users. You are able to add a name/description to the username/password combination. This text will be desplayed on the home page after a user logs in.

View/Add/Edit/Remove: Contact supports easy to use viewing and editing features for managing your contacts.

Import/Export: The import feature is used to upload vCard files to your addressbook. Create this file i.e. with the export feature of MS Outlook's addressbook. Many other address management tools, mobile phones and handhelds also support this format. Multiple vCards in one file are allowed! Use the export feature to move the vCards the other way.


  • Windows NT 4 or higher


  • Download installation file and start it. Follow the directions in the installation program.
  • To uninstall Contact, start the installation file again, and hit remove.

NT-Service Control

You can start, stop, install and uninstall the Contact service using the shortcuts in the "Start Menu/Programs/CreativeBytes/Contact/" folder.


You can change the listening port by editing the file "config.xml" in the "config" folder. Stop and restart the Contact NT service ("Start Menu/Programs/CreativeBytes/Contact/Stop Service", "Start Menu/Programs/CreativeBytes/Contact/Start Service" ) to apply the changes to the program.

Known Issue

Contact is rather slow when downloading a high number of contacts (vCard format). The web browser might run into a timeout. We are working on this issue. Please check http://www.creativebytes.net for updates.


Contact 1.0.1 is available in two different versions: The Light-Version is FREEWARE (limits to a total of 50 contacts), the Pro-Version (unlimited number of contacts) is SHAREWARE.

The Pro-Version can be licensed with our secure order form at ShareIt!.

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