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cb_XTR - Description


cb_XTR is a commandline utility which performs XSL transformations. It reads an XML and an XSL file, perfoms the transformation and writes the output to the console or another file. To measure performance the times needed for loading, transforming and saving can be shown.

cb_XTR requires MSXML4.DLL from Microsoft. The program automatically checks, if MSXML4 is installed.


cb_XTR can be called from the commandline or from a .bat or .cmd file. Be sure, that cb_XTR.exe can be found by the system (e.g. set PATH variable accordingly).

Usage: cb_XTR xmlfile xslfile [outfile] [-t]
-t: show times

xmlfile: The input data to be processed
xslfile: The file containing the XSL-script
outfile: The resulting file. If not present, the result will be written to the stdout (the console).
-t: Displays processing times for loading, transforming and saving.


D:\cb_XTR>cb_XTR test.xml test.xsl test.html -t
Initializing ... 00:00:000
Loading XML ... 00:00:470
Loading XSL ... 00:00:000
Transforming ... 00:00:051
Saving Output ... 00:00:050
Done. Result saved to "test.html".

Error handling:

Errors are returned in the variable %ERRORLEVEL%:

0: OK, no error
1: Error in commandline parameters
2: MSXML4 is not installed
3: XML-File not found
4: XSL-File not found
5: Error parsing XML
6: Error parsing XSL
8: Other error (exception) during Load/Transform/Save


cb_XTR is FREEWARE. To get it please visit the DOWNLOAD page.


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