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cb_PEI - Description


When programs are started by other programs (or scripts), data can be passed on the commandline, through environment variables and standard input. It can be quite complicated to analyze/debug this mechanism.

That's where cb_PEI fits in: By replacing the called program with cb_PEI all this information can be collected easily.

cb_PEI displays and/or logs the following information:

  • commandline parameters
  • environment variables
  • data from standard input

The log(s) can be automatically saved to different files:

  • a complete report containing all information and/or
  • seperate files for
    • commandline parameters
    • environment variables
    • data from standard input

When the standard configuration is used, cb_PEI opens a simple GUI which displays the report and allows basic editing functions (select text, copy to clipboard).

Alternatively cb_PEI can be configured to automatically terminate after processing the data.


Just copy "cb_PEI.exe" and "cb_PEI.ini" to a directory of your choice (e.g. "C:\Program Files\CreativeBytes\cb_PEI").
If necessary, add this directory to the "PATH" environment variable.


The filenames for the log files are generated automatically based on the current date/time. The "TimeStamp" part of a filename contains the following information: Year, Month, Date, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Miliseconds, e.g. 20040401_123421_310


cb_PEI can be configured with the file "cb_PEI.ini". If the configuration file does not exist (in the application directory), default values are used.


Remark: To disable a function, set the value to "0" (=false), to enable a function use "1" (=true).

[General] - AutoExit (default = false): If "AutoExit" is not set, the program shows its GUI. If "AutoExit" is set, the program terminates autimatically (e.g. for use in BAT/CMD-files)

[General] - SaveWindowPos (default = false): If set, the program saves the position and size of the Window.

[LogTo] - Screen (default = true): The report is written to the text field on the GUI.

[LogTo] - File (default = false): The report is written to a textfile (filename: "[TimeStamp]_LOG.txt" e.g. "20040401_123421_310_LOG.txt")

[SaveToFile] - Params (default = false): The commandline parameters are written to a file, filename: "[TimeStamp]_PAR.txt".

[SaveToFile] - Environment (default = false): The environment variables are written to a file, filename: "[TimeStamp]_ENV.txt".

[SaveToFile] - StdInput (default = false): The data from standard input is written to a file, filename: "[TimeStamp]_SIN.txt".

Usage (example)

dir | cb_PEI A B C

Operating system requirements

cb_PEI is designed to run under all Windows 32-Bit-Versions, it was tested under Windows 2000 and XP.

Licensing / Download

cb_PEI is FREEWARE. To get it visit the DOWNLOAD page.

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