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cb_CNP - Description


cb_CNP is a simple text editor, which saves the data using a 256 bit Rijndael (AES-Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

It can be used for any textual information, like secret notes, passwords, login credentials, software keys, PINs etc..


As cb_CNP requires no installation you can start the program from any device (harddisk, floppy, USB-memory stick etc.).

After the first start cb_CNP creates the encrypted data file ("cb_CNP.bin") in the active working directory. By creating shortcuts with different working directories it is possible to work with different data files (e.g. private data, data used in the job ...).

cb_CNP features different editor functions like Cut/Copy/Paste, Searching etc.. The functions can be invoked with the menu or with the standardized shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-C).

cb_CNP is FREEWARE. To get it please visit the DOWNLOAD page.


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