News 2003-04-07

creativebytes.net is announcing the release of

cb_PMM (V1.2)

The new network tool for Port-Mapping and Connection-Monitoring

The main features of cb_PMM are:

Mapping of TCP-socket connections: Use port forwarding to relay TCP connections. E.g. tunnel services through gateways (for LAN/internet connections) and/or use local mappings for monitoring.

Monitoring of the mapped connections: View and/or log the transmitted data in realtime and in different formats, e.g. to analyze protocol problems, debug socket connections, "just see how things work" etc.

New in Version 1.2

  • New feature - "Throttle throughput": The transmitted data can be delayed by cb_PMM to simulate low network bandwith like: modem/ADSL connections, connections from mobile phones (GSM, GPRS, UMTS), wireless devices (e.g. Bluetooth) etc..

    If you are developing networking software you can check "how your application behaves"
    when accessed via low bandwith connections.

  • New logging functionality - "HTTP mode": Logging functionality especially for HTTP traffic like web applications, WAP applications, webservices (SOAP, .NET). Allows to log only the HTTP headers (request and response), headers + request data, headers + response data etc.

    If you want to analyze HTTP traffic, this function allows a quick overview of "what is really happening" between the HTTP server and the client (your browser).

  • More connection statistics is displayed directly at the user interface.
  • Different other optimizations concerning program handling and flexibility of logging.

cb_PMM 1.2 is available in two different versions: The Light-Version is FREEWARE, The Pro-Version (with extended features) is SHAREWARE.

REGISTERED USERS CAN UPDATE FOR FREE! - just download and install over your existing version.

More information about cb_PMM is available at http://www.creativebytes.net/cb_PMM

Free download of cb_PMM - Light (Version 1.2) at http://www.creativebytes.net/cb_PMM/download.htm

Request a FREE TRIAL KEY for the PRO version of cb_PMM

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